Remote islands offer sanctuary for some of the Planet's strangest and rarest creatures. The rare pygmy three-toed sloth enjoys a peaceful existence on an idyllic Caribbean island, while nesting albatross thrive in predator-free isolation.

But island life always comes at a cost. On the Galapagos Islands, young marine iguana must escape an onslaught of deadly racer snakes the moment they hatch from the sand.

On the Sub-Antarctic island of Zavodovski life gets more extreme still; every day 1.5 million penguins risk being battered against the rocks by fierce waves as they try to get on and off the island.

Episode Discussion

AnonymousCoward posted 2 years ago

I should note, the scene with the snakes is pure nightmare fuel.

AnonymousCoward posted 2 years ago

Amazing how 10 years after the original Planet Earth series that the second attempt at it completely shatters my expectations and it fantastic.

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