Let's Make a Wipeout

"The only thing better than watching someone fall down is watching a LOT of people fall down," says host John Henson. "Wipeout" welcomes a Dean of Students, a Philosopher and a Game Show Pedigree Contestant whose parents were featured on the classic version of "The Newlyweds." All of them quickly realize that this is not your typical game show, as they're thrown for a loop on the Lawnmower, bounced off the Big Balls, contend with the always treacherous Mood Swing and finish the qualifier in a literal Chinese Food Buffet of wipeouts. After getting egg rolled, the top 12 contestants will see double trouble on the Scareousel with Double Danglers. Only three of the strongest willed contestants move on to the Wipeout Zone to play for a $50,000 prize.

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