Blind Date: Even Blinder

On this all-new special two-hour episode of "Wipeout," 24 men and women will be set up by matchmaker Jill Wagner and sent on the ultimate blind date under the most challenging circumstances. These 12 couples include a pair of "Foodies," a "Nurse and her Old Man," a "Disney Prince and Princess" and the "President and Queen." The contestants will test their chemistry on the most entertaining televised blind date ever, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on ABC. Their first test at love begins with the Qualifier round, where two can play that game on the "Love Birds," followed by a romantic first date activity at the "Ant Farm." Next, eight remaining couples must defeat the "Spinning Sweeper Arms" with the hopes of proceeding onto an all cash, no elimination round called the "Big Ball Bonanza." During this special round, the six teams will have to big ball like they've never big balled before for the chance at $5,000. Then the remaining couples will begin their night on the town in Wipeout City, crossing the "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and trying to survive the "Romantic Helicopter Ride" before facing the "Sugar Smacks." The two couples with the strongest physical chemistry will face the Wipeout Zone, but only one couple will have the most successful blind date and walk away with a whopping $100,000, while the other couples will leave broken up and empty-handed.

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