Discovery Life Channel

Discovery Life Channel, formerly Discovery Fit & Health, is an American digital cable and satellite television network that is owned byDiscovery Communications. The channel's programming focus is dedicated to various life events. Launched on February 1, 2011, it is the result of the merger of Discovery Health Channel and FitTV and features programs formerly found on both channels.

As of February 2015, approximately 46,696,000 American households (40.1% of households with television) receive Discovery Life.

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  • Emergency 24/7

    Emergency 24/7

    EMERGENCY 24/7 follows an elite team of doctors as they diagnose and treat patients at one of the UK…

  • The Day I Almost Died

    The Day I Almost Died

    "THE DAY I ALMOST DIED" is about accidents that occur without warning, but what if it was your own d…

  • Trauma: Seconds to Live

    Trauma: Seconds to Live

    "Trauma: Seconds to Live" explores the life-and-death decisions facing doctors in the first critical…

  • Sex in Public

    Therapist Jill Dictrow goes undercover in the most unsuspecting of places in an attempt to get real…

  • Sin City ER

    Sin City ER

    "Sin City ER" reveals the untold stories of one of the busiest and most unique ERs in America. Worki…

  • Global Beauty Masters

    Global Beauty Masters

    Hair, makeup and nail stylists from around the world battle for the "Global Beauty Masters" title. H…

  • Emergency


    In "Emergency" real patients face medical emergencies at Canada's busiest emergency rooms.

  • I'm Pregnant And…

    I'm Pregnant And…

    "I'm Pregnant And…" is a series that follows the stories of women facing serious issues--emotional,…

  • Mystery Diagnosis: Most Shocking Cases

    Mystery Diagnosis: Most Shocking Cases

    On Mystery Diagnosis: Most Shocking Cases, the most shocking real-life medical mysteries that left e…

  • Trauma Down Under

    Trauma Down Under

    Trauma Down Under follows the heroic work of the medical personnel who serve Australia's Gold Coast…

  • Born Schizophrenic

    Born Schizophrenic

    Born Schizophrenic is a series of 1-hour documentary specials that air sporadically every year.

  • My Strange Addiction: Most Extreme Episodes

    My Strange Addiction: Most Extreme Episodes

    My Strange Addiction: Most Extreme Episodes is a series that airs extended enhanced episodes with ex…

  • Ask Dr. Nandi

    Ask Dr. Nandi

    The show is unique in the world of television. Yes there are guests that share their stories and wor…

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