Televisa is a subsidiary network that is a part of Grupo Televisa, S.A.B. (Spanish pronunciation: [teleˈβisa]) is a Mexican multimedia mass media company, and the largest in Latin America as well as the first of the Spanish-speaking world. It is a major international entertainment business, with much of its programming airing in the United States on Univision, with which it has an exclusive contract.

Grupo Televisa was founded in 1955 as Telesistema Mexicano, linking Mexico's first three television stations: XHTV-TV(founded in 1950), XEW-TV (1951) and XHGC-TV (1952). It was (and currently still is) owned by the Azcárraga family, O'Farril family and Ernesto Barrientos Ventosa, who had signed on Mexico's first radio station, XEW-AM, in 1930. Its headquarters, known as Televicentro, were originally located on Avenida Chapultepec in downtown Mexico City. The building opened on February 10, 1952.

In 1968, Telesistema's main competitor, Televisión Independiente de México (TIM), entered Mexico City with XHTM-TVCanal 8. At the time, both Telesistema and TIM (which was based in Monterrey) competed with another new station, XHDF-TVchannel 13, which also started transmissions in 1968. Over the next four years, both networks competed in content and image until they merged, taking on the name Televisa in 1973. In the merger deal, the owners of Telesistema had 75 percent of the stocks, while the owners of Televisión Independiente had the rest, which were sold to Telesistema later because of financial problems.

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