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A Canadian network which focuses it's programming on nature.

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  • Wild Wild East

    Documentary featuring nature in Canada.

  • Secret Life of the Koala

    Secret Life of the Koala

    Perhaps Australia's most iconic creature of all, these cuddly looking little characters can face sur…

  • Secrets of Wild Australia

    Secrets of Wild Australia

    A vast island continent of almost three million square miles, Australia's splendid seclusion has mad…

  • Secret Life of the Tasmanian Devil

    Secret Life of the Tasmanian Devil

    The Tasmanian devil is an amazing little creature. With the sharpest teeth, strongest jaws and noisi…

  • Reef Wrecks

    Documentary looking more closely at reefs around the world.

  • The Living Beach

    The Living Beach

    Physics, nature and human interactions influence beaches around the world.

  • Waterworld Africa

    Waterworld Africa

    With freshwater forests, saline lakes and diverse deltas, Africa boasts some of the most important w…

  • Extreme Africa

    Extreme Africa

    Africa's diverse terrain is as awesome as it is deadly. With scalding volcanic fields, scorched-eart…

  • Secret Life of the Wombat

    Secret Life of the Wombat

    Close to the cool highlands of the Snowy Mountains in South East Australia, lies an enchanted secret…

  • Wild Rockies

    A look at the wildlife living in the Rockies.

  • Brazil Untamed

    A look at the wildlife of Brazil.

  • Wild Israel

    A look at the wilderness and creatures of the environments in and around Israel.

  • Great Blue Wild

    Great Blue Wild

    Great Blue Wild joins the world's leading marine ecologists on a voyage of discovery as they venture…

  • Zoo Juniors

    Zoo Juniors

    Discover what it takes to be a zoo baby in a modern zoo. From regular weight checks to inoculations…

  • Arabian Inferno

    Arabian Inferno

    The parched and barren landscape of the Arabian Peninsula offers a vivid backdrop for life in the ha…

  • Arctic Secrets

    Arctic Secrets

    We journey to the most remote Arctic landscapes, populated with animals and plants that have adapted…

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