A Canadian network that broadcasts general entertainment and lifestyle programming aimed at the LGBT community.

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  • Sex & Violence

    Sex & Violence

    Sex & Violence looks at the lives of professionals who work in the aftermath of domestic violenc…

  • Am I a Boy or Girl

    Am I a Boy or Girl

    An anthology of trans stories in the 21st century, Am I a Boy or Girl highlights thirteen people as…

  • OUTlook TV

    OUTlook TV

    OUTlook TV is a half-hour lifestyle show celebrating the diversity of Canada's queer community. OUTl…

  • Homorazzi


    Once upon a time, group of gays became the best of friends. Through the parties, judgieness, gossip,…

  • Best of the Web

    Best of the Web

    Best of the Web features great short-form LGBT content like "I Luv U But" and "Gay Nerds". The 60 mi…

  • Fabulocity


    Fabulocity is a fast-moving series that sends our vibrant hosts to cities all over the world. They h…

  • Morgan Brayton and Other People

    Morgan Brayton and Other People

    Actor and comedian Morgan Brayton likes to talk. A lot. She especially likes to talk with her funny…

  • The Switch

    The Switch

    What do you get when you mix contract killing, teenage blues, LGBT rainbows, weirdness, and a murder…

  • Pop Profiles

    Pop Profiles

    Pop Profiles lets you experience the stories of the world's hottest music stars through their major…

  • #STI


    #STI features the stories of distraught patients recently diagnosed with various STIs as they look b…

  • OUTspoken


    As our world evolves and LGBT rights are won and enshrined in law, we're seeing changes in our commu…

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