‘Daredevil’ canceled by Netflix after 3 seasons

The ax continues to fall on Marvel’s series at Netflix. Daredevil, which launched the Marvel universe on the streaming platform, has been canceled after three seasons. The move comes on the heels of Netflix canceling Iron Fist and Luke Cage last month – but Daredevil seems to have an afterlife elsewhere.

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Gadfly posted a month ago

Why does Daredevil seem to have an afterlife elsewhere? But the other two don't? I can click on the link to find out, but if I wanted to go to Deadline for news, I'd... go to Deadline for news in the first place.

JuanArango posted a month ago

hmm, seems there is something going on behind the curtains...

Aidan posted a month ago

A Daughters of the Dragon spinoff on Disney+ would be nice.

TVshowsandCats posted a month ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Jessica Jones and The Punisher also get cancelled. It's not a secret that Disney is pulling it's movies off of Netflix so they can only be found on Disney+. I guess they are deliberately not giving in in to Netflix demands about shorter seasons. If Netflix cancels all the series Disney can use the Defenders again for it's own benefit. I hope Daredevil and the other Marvel series will find a new home on FX, Hulu or Disney+ and continue.

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