'Swamp Thing' Canceled By DC Universe After 1 Season

The cancellation comes just one episode into the show’s run. The nine remaining episode will continue to air as schedule, with a new one debuting on DC Universe each Friday through the Aug 2 finale.

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FlyingTigerComx posted 5 days ago

As the other commenter said, this didn't have that spark. It was uengaging, dull, woke, and offered nothing in terms of story that would make me come back to what happens next.

EPzL6ah9A6hSvAX6884HJ posted 8 days ago

I was ready for it to be cancelled after five minutes. Knowing that things often get better, I continued to watch until the end of episode 1. My final thought was, "That's not going to last very long." Turns out I was, perhaps, a bit prescient.

Let's face it, the show just didn't have "It," whatever "It" is. I love good SciFi and will follow even mediocre series. I often suffer through even terrible series. I'm stubborn and hate not to watch all of a series if I watch even one episode, but this may be the exception.

I might change my mind after watching the rest of the series, but I doubt it. That's assuming, of course, that I watch the rest. Only time will tell.

Gadfly posted 9 days ago

That was quick. And... nonsensical. How the heck can they tell after one episode? The critical response was generally good. And it's hard to believe it got worse figures than Doom Patrol. Seems like there must have been some kind of behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

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