Brent Barrett

Blessed with a magnetic voice, the talented Barrett developed an early interest in performing when he use to frequent his aunt's local movie house. Born in Quinter, Kansas in 1957, he won the lead in his high school's production of "Calamity Jane" and was sold after that. He studied at Carnegie-Mellon and then eventually made his move to the New York scene.

He made his Broadway debut in 1980 when he was selected by Jerome Robbins to play Tony in the revival of "West Side Story." He ventured on in both hits and misses until 1983 when he earned the role of the handsome but dangerously off-centered Tony Barclay in daytime's New York-based soap All My Children.

Brent's focus throughout his career, however, has been singing and a live theater audience. A sturdy performer who admittedly is a step behind when it comes to dancing, he has maintained his longstanding leading man status on sheer vocal power alone. He has a penchant for playing colorfully artificial characters and plays them with a grand theatricality reminiscent of the former matinée idols Howard Keel and Alfred Drake. He also continues to present himself in concert form and with CD efforts.

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