Alex Pichler

"He was wrong and I was right, so he should listen to me sometimes."

Lex is just 20 years old but already he's managed to clock 650 hours of air time and sell more than a half dozen planes. Born in South Africa and now living in Europe, Lex is an ambitious young pilot working hard to make a name for himself. He started flying at 15 years old, racking up most of his hours flying throughout Southern Africa. At 18, he stumbled into the world of aircraft brokerage when a friend asked if he could help sell his plane. Lex taught himself the ins and outs of the business, sold the plane, took on another and a new career was born. Whether it's selling planes or flying them, Lex is always looking for the next opportunity. Most recently, he managed to land himself a regular gig as co-pilot on a private Citation Jet. As Marcio says, "I would not be a bit surprised if in a few years Lex calls me and hires me."

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