Cory Bengtzen

"There's nothing better than after travelling for hours over the ocean or over the Amazon, finally seeing that airport and realizing that you did it."

Cory is both a savvy businessman and an accomplished pilot. He started his career straight out of high school selling cars. He spent the next 15 years working his way up from floor salesman to co-owner of a dealership. Despite real success on the ground, Cory decided to follow his true passion – aviation. Both his grandfathers were pilots in WWII so for Cory, making the leap from selling cars to selling planes was not that big of a stretch. He got his pilot's license in 2001 and started CB Aviation from scratch.

Last year, Cory gathered a crack team of pilots and sent them around the world to deliver planes to new buyers. He himself visited more countries and logged more hours than he ever imagined possible. This year, Cory's team is back ready to tackle the epic routes, unpredictable weather and temperamental planes that make ferry flying one of the most challenging professions out there. And Cory is back on board, this time as Pete's copilot, ready to take on the longest, most challenging flight of his career.

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Dangerous Flights (2012)
Starring as Cory Bengtzen (12 episodes)