Randy McGehee

"We experience things and eat things and see things that are once in a lifetime type of opportunities. It's pretty cool to gain those life experiences while we're doing our job."

Randy McGehee started flying when he was just 15 years old. It was his dream to get up in the air. So, his parents paid for a couple of lessons, one thing led to another, and Randy's dream turned into a career.

As a young pilot, Randy flew freight planes and worked as a flight instructor. He then moved on to flying for the commuter airlines before finally landing with the majors. Today, Randy works for a major American airline. He is also the owner of Everflight Aviation.

While flying the Merlin from the U.S to Australia, Randy and Cory broke two world speed records - first during the leg between California and Hawaii and second en route to American Samoa. There are few ferry pilots out there who have the versatility and experience to jump into any type of aircraft and fly it over the ocean. Going from a large commercial jet to a small single-engine airplane is no easy feat but Randy is the perfect man for the job.

"It's very tough to walk from a big plane to a Cessna. The physics is the same but the procedures, responsibilities and demands of each one are different. Flying for an airline is very regulated, there are procedures put in place for everything we do. In ferry flying you are relying on yourself to get it done. There's very little room to screw up. You can't fake this kind of flying."

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