Yasmina Platt

"I'm not worried about flying over land. But the water … it's not just landing on water, it's what comes after that and how long it would take for somebody to see us and come get us. That's what I worry about..."

According to Yasmina, there are three loves in her life: flying, her husband, and her family, and sometimes they kind of compete.

When Yasmina was a little girl she dreamed of being an airline pilot. She started learning to fly in high school and set out to make her dream into a reality. But when her partner landed a job with a major airline first, Yasmina quickly learned what being an airline pilot is really all about.

"I realized that it's not enough of a challenge. You're always flying to the same places, to the same airports and flying the same routes."

Yasmina switched gears and became a flight instructor instead. She teaches people to fly to places that she herself has never flown.

"I'm pretty restless so I like to keep my options open and do different things. Flying over the ocean with someone who has done it before will be very cool. And going to these small airports we'll get to meet more people and experience more of the culture. You can't get an experience like this flying the big jets."

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