Berend McKenzie

Berend McKenzie has called Vancouver home since 1990 and has worked in film and TV as well as theatre ever since. He has had the pleasure of working with some of Canada's most talented and creative thinkers including Darrin Hagen, Mardi Maraden and Denis Simpson. In 2001 he won the Best Actress Award for his portrayal of Charlotte in Christopher Durang's hit play, "Beyond Therapy". He has written several pieces for the Loud and Queer Festival in Edmonton Alberta. His first full-length play, "Get Off the Cross, Mary", a queer puppet show for adults, enjoyed three successful runs in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. It won the Xtra West Hero Award for Best Live Performance in 2008. Berend's second full-length one-man show "NGGRFG" has enjoyed performances across Canada including The Young People's Theatre in Toronto and a 50-school tour in Vancouver.

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