Shawn C. Orr

Born in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan Canada, Shawn grew up in a very sports-oriented family, playing hockey, boxing, gymnastics and rodeo. He began his career in film in 1989 and has steadily built a reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable stunt performer and coordinator from East to West coast in Canada as well as abroad. With interests in extreme sports, horses and cars, Shawn competed as a pro rodeo cowboy in the bareback riding event until retiring in 1999. These skills combined with a diverse athletic background led him to film. Driving cars, flying through, over or into something, falling a horse, or coordinating the action, Shawn has enjoyed working on film sets for over twenty years. He lives in Canada, where he is a full time stuntman/stunt coordinator. He and his wife Amanda also own Wildhorse Productions and produce 8-10 rodeos per year in eastern Canada. They also train horses for film and competition. Most recently Shawn has gotten into the breeding of elite bucking horses.

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