Serena Rossi

Serena Rossi (born 31 August 1985) is an Italian actress. Born in Naples, she has acted in films and on stage, but is best known for her performance in the long-running Rai 3 soap opera Un Posto al Sole.

Rossi comes from an artistic family. She broke through with her role in Un Posto al Sole (she starred in between 2003 and 2010), which led to starring roles in several musicals, as well as a music album, Amore che, featuring folk songs from al Sole. After more work in television and film, in 2008 Rossi also appeared in the internationally popular detective series Inspector Montalbano.

In 2009, Rossi appeared in Christian Duguay's Augustine: The Decline of the Roman Empire, and made further appearances in Ho sposato uno sbirro, R.I.S. Roma – Delitti imperfetti, and Rugantino.

In 2013, Rossi dubbed Anna in the Italian version of Frozen.

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