Davini Malcolm

Australian Actress Davini Malcolm, was borne Lindy McConchie and later worked under her married surname Lindy Wallis. She and her husband, photographer Richard Wallis had a son Satchi borne in 1992.

She received her name Davini from the Spiritual Teacher Osho in 1994 and decided to use this name all of the time, changing it legally. After divorcing photographer Richard Wallis, she later married Peter Malcolm, Antarctic Expedition Leader & Motivational Speaker. They had 3 children together Zak (1996) and twins Lachlan & Gabriella (2001). Sadly Peter passed away in 2009 after a short & brave battle with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Davini raised Satchi, Zak, Lachy & Gabi on her own for a few years later marrying Scott Sommerville in 2014 at home with their kids as the wedding party. Together they raise their 6 children happily with Scott's children Ben (1998) and Nicola (2000) joining the big crazy family. It's a house full of teenagers and early 20 somethings and it works!

Davini has been an actor since the early 1980's after graduating from P & M Studios studying with Peter Sardi and Marion McKenzie followed by a year at St.Martins Theatre. She has appeared in some of Australia's favorite shows such as Winner & Losers, Wentworth, Neighbours, Law of the Land, The Secret Life of Us, Blue Heelers, Flying Doctors, Stingers, as well as a number of films including Fred Schepsi's 'A Cry in the Dark' and Russell Mulcahy's 'On the Beach' to name a few.

Davini has segment produced & written for the 13 part children's TV Series "Teenie Weenie Greenies". She has co-produced and starred in the documentary "Lotus Birth, the Water Birth of the Malcolm Twins", which shares her pregnancy leading up to the natural water birth at home of her twins Lachlan & Gabriella. She is a founding member and director of The International College of Spiritual Midwifery, an international online community of women supporting women in all aspects of their lives. She is also a passionate supporter of Taryn Brumfitt of the @bodyimagemovement #Embrace. She believes that its time to take back the power and show magazines & media that Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours and that women being themselves, embracing who they are whole heartedly is the way forward.

Davini is also a co-producer on feature film projects. Her passion is women's stories. First up is 'Love, Tea & Epiphany' which she is co-producing with Probir Geoffrey Dutt (Rok Starr Films) and Cheryl Taylor.

Davini is a member of the Melbourne Actors Lab in Brunswick - a rich vibrant community of actors, writers and film makers who work at their craft all the time, most weeks. They help each other make their films, do table reads for new projects, tape auditions, whatever is needed. The Lab's director Peter Kalos is also her acting coach.

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