Zevi Wolmark

Zevi Wolmark is an American actor from San Francisco, California. Born on August 19, 1962, Wolmark graduated from Julliard School of Performing Arts and driven by ambition and desire to make it as an actor he began his journey to success at a relatively early age. He had his on stage debut in an off-Broadway show, which was followed by a string of other stage appearances. Determined to take his career to the next level and move it to the big screens he started auditioning in Los Angeles.

By the late 80's Zevi Wolmark had already made several films and TV Series appearances. But his career peak didn't happen until the 90's when he won a role in the television series "Superboy". Lending his voice to the animated TV Series C.O.P.S. he was able to catch the eye of the wide audiences and film critics. As he was getting more notice, his career also thrives, earring bigger and better roles. With feature-length film roles and years of experience under his belt, his career was simply flourishing.

After all those successful screen roles Zevi Wolmark decided to return on stage where he had his early beginnings in acting. In the past few years we have seen him star in born screen and stage role, showing his versatility and great acting talent. Recently he has also taken some projects outside the major film studios, appearing in several independent films. He is the winner of won the Critics Circle Award for Best Actor, and a few more awards and recognition.

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War and Remembrance (1988)
Starring as John Simms (12 episodes)
C.O.P.S. (1988)
Starring as Robin Wade