Kenneth Londoner

American actor Kenneth Londoner was born on January 16, 1978 in New Jersey, as the youngest of four children. Growing up in this city allowed him to discover and learn more about acting from a young age. During high school he was able to strengthen his acting talent by appearing in a number of plays, and made him that much determined to follow his dreams and pursue a career in acting.

Kenneth Londoner continued to pursue his interest at acting at New York City's College and Conservatory of Performing Arts. After earning his degree, he finally caught his first break and made his stage debut in off-Broadway show. Eager to try his hand at something new, in 1995 he was casted in a television series which was already airing. This appearance was followed by a string of minor roles in TV series and shows, until finally one of his biggest dreams came alive and he was given a role in the film "James Forth". His brilliant performance caught the eye of the audience, and more importantly of important Hollywood producers.

Thus, in 1996 Kenneth Londoner was chosen for the lead role in the movie "Mr. Prentice", where he played a single father with two children, giving his best to make it through, and take his daughters on the right path. That year, his top-notch performance and amazing portray of acting abilities brought this three award nominations.

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