Jang Jin Young

Jang Jin Young was a South Korean actress. Her death came after a year-long battle with stomach cancer.

Jang began her career as a model, and participated in the 1993 Miss Korea beauty contest, before making the switch into acting. As of 2008, Jang was one of the highest paid stars in the Korean film industry, earning in the region of ₩400 million per film. During a regular health check on September 22, 2008, Jang was diagnosed with stomach cancer. This was considered a strange and tragic coincidence as she was well known for her role in Scent of Love as a woman dying of stomach cancer. After Jang's death, it was belatedly revealed that she had been secretly married. She had wed her husband, Kim Youn Kyun, while in the U.S. for cancer treatment, and registered the marriage to make it official in Korea just days before her death.

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