Madison Moellers

Madison Moellers has been talking since the age of one. Since she was born, Madison has traveled everywhere with her mom, Marcia, while she worked. Madison was on her first plane flight on day seven of her life tucked in her father James' arms. By the age of two, she had been on over 100 flights!

Marcia's job in the fashion industry has allowed Madison many opportunities to socially meet film/theatrical agents. Top agent Margot Menzel , who was an agent for Miley Cyrus, was the first to see the "Actor Factor" in Madison at the age of three. Margot noted her great potential to Marcia and that she should bring her to Hollywood some day . For James and Marcia, it became a normal routine to be at an industry event with Madison and have someone from the tv/film industry comment about her wonderful personality and natural ability to act.

At the age of four, top manager Marc Tuscher of Revolution Management, stayed at their Colorado home and was the first to find out of Madison's aspirations. Madison dressed up in her play clothes — high heels, a long Cinderella-style dress and a blue boa over her shoulders — and called a meeting with Marc in the family kitchen. She let her mentor know one day she would be a famous actress.

In June 2009, six-year-old Madison and Marcia headed to Los Angeles for a month of intensive workshops with Julie Abrams. It was grueling, tough and Madison loved all of it. Casting directors fell in love with her, too. Her very first submit for a film happened from meeting top casting director Garrett McGuire – who has casted Twilight as well as Brothers & Sisters to name a few! This followed with more positive feedback from top casting directors such as Paul Weber of MGM and Susan Putnam of Harriet Greenspan/Nickelodeon casting. The deal was sealed when Madison received an impressive list of 17 agent callbacks. She said, "Hollywood, here I come!"

Madison, Marcia and her fifteen-year-old sister, Morgane, came back to Los Angeles mid-August for episodic season. Madison had positive responses across the board from agents and signed with CESD for theatrical and voice over as well as JLA for commercial, and Melissa Berger of CESD for voice over. In three months, Madison booked two TV shows and three movies! Madison now goes back and forth to Los Angeles from her home in the mountains. Reason being, Madison says "how can I act like a kid if I can't be a kid?" She loves acting and she loves being a kid in Colorado so she balances between both?

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Cast Credits

Mistresses (2013)
Guest starring as Madi (2 episodes)
The Mindy Project (2012)
Guest starring as Danny's half-sister
Shameless (2011)
Guest starring as Molly Milkovich (2 episodes)
The Mentalist (2008)
Guest starring as Ashley Harrington
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005)
Guest starring as Lauren