Hayley McCarthy

Hayley McCarthy, named after Hayley Mills, grew up in Orange, New South Wales, Australia, where she took part in local productions, winning a CAT award for Best Actress in a Musical. Hayley displayed natural ability as a triple threat at an early age. At sixteen she began training with The Australian Institute for Performing Arts (AIPA) in Sydney and Los Angeles. At eighteen years of age, she moved to Sydney, entering into AIPA's Talent Development Programme, The National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA - Screen Actors) and AIPA Drama Company. Combined with AIPA US Acting Intensives, she soon gained recognition from the casting community as 'one to watch'.

Hayley credits her work ethic, tenacity and her acting foundations, to AIPA's Director of Talent Development and Curriculum Marg Haynes. Currently living in L.A. Hayley divides her time working between Australia and Los Angeles.

[Hayley was born in the late 1980's (1989 year is a guess based on her bio) and her birthday is June 25th.]

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