Danielle Hampton

Danielle was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She started training in dance at the age of 10 and mastered jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, ballroom and modern dance. In her preteens, Danielle participated in professional Broadway-style musicals and shows as well as some commercials. Her dance training continued at Earl Haig Secondary School where she graduated from the Claude Watson program as a dance major.

Danielle was an accomplished dancer and professional choreographer but hadn't caught the acting bug until she enrolled in the George Randolph Academy for the Arts. Located in Toronto, this intensive three-year post-secondary program focused mainly on musical theatre. Danielle graduated at the top of her class receiving not only an Arts Diploma, but also the Triple Threat Award. The academy opened many doors, as well as her eyes as she realized, in her own words, "dancers work the hardest and get paid the least."

Immediately out of school, Danielle put up a one-woman show at the 2001 Toronto Fringe Festival and was cast in Ginger Snaps, which won Best Independent Film in Toronto's International Film Festival.

Danielle currently resides in Los Angeles California. She enjoys the warm climate and remains close to her family and friends, who continue to encourage and support her.

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