Bruce Pittman

Bruce Pittman was born in Toronto, Canada, and began his career in the advertising and publicity department of Famous Players Ltd. He then moved to a film market research division of Paramount Pictures. These jobs gave him a firm foundation in the art, craft, and business of selling films. He also opened the Revue Cinema in Toronto as a repertory cinema which still operates today.

His first love was always film-making. He co-created the long-running series Saturday Night at the Movies. This afforded him the opportunity to interview many of the giants of American and British cinema. He considers these interviews to be his real education in film-making.

His first short films were aired by the Canadian Broadcasting corporation and subsequently at film festivals around the world. Three times his works have won best short film awards from the Canadian Film and Television Association. To date his film and television work has been cited for 97 nominations and awards around the world.

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