Kikuko Inoue

Inoue Kikuko is referred as "Onee-chan" ("big sister" in Japanese) and stayed with the title on her official site and a few albums because of her role as Tendou Kasumi in Ranma 1/2; this is confirmed in her online profile. She believes that in her past life she was a fish and therefore uses fish as her trademark.

(Source: AniDB)

Hometown: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood type: O

She always calls herself "17 years old" (井上喜久子17歳です). Fans would refute her jokingly with "Oi! Oi!" (roughly equivalent to "yeah right"). To further promote her ideal, she founded a "cult" of "17-year-olds" (Juu-nana-sai Kyou, 17歳教). Current cult members include Yukari Tamura, Sakura Nogawa, Rina Satou, and Yui Horie.

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Cast Credits

Urara Meirochou (2017)
Starring as Narration
Amanchu! (2016)
Starring as Kino Kohinata
Ore Monogatari!! (2015)
Starring as Sunakawa, Ai
Junketsu No Maria (2015)
Starring as Michael
Sabagebu! (2014)
Starring as Ena Sakura
Uchouten Kazoku (2013)
Starring as Mother
Miss Monochrome (2013)
Starring as KIKUKO
Binbougami ga! (2012)
Starring as Yamabuki
Robotics;Notes (2012)
Starring as Senomiya, Misaki
Rio - Rainbow Gate! (2011)
Starring as Lisa Rollins
Macross Frontier (2008)
Starring as Grace O'Connor
Claymore (2007)
Starring as Miria
Clannad (2007)
Starring as Sanae Furukawa
Zero no Tsukaima (2006)
Starring as Eleanor
Mahou Sensei Negima! (2005)
Starring as Shizuna Minamoto
Starring as Eiko
Black Cat (2005)
Starring as Sephiria Arks
Gun X Sword (2005)
Starring as Carmen99
Gankutsuou (2004)
Starring as Mercedes Morcerf
Ikki Tousen (2003)
Starring as Goei
Chobits (2002)
Starring as Hibiya, Chitose
Onegai☆Teacher (2002)
Starring as Mizuho Kazami
UFO Princess Valkyrie (2002)
Starring as Inaruba
Angelic Layer (2001)
Starring as Suzuhara, Shuko
Gate Keepers (2000)
Starring as Jun Sanders
Detective Conan (1996)
Starring as Chianti
Golden Boy (1995)
Starring as Ayuko Hayamizu
Ranma ½ (1989)
Starring as Kasumi Tendo