Andrea Lowell

It's hard to call Playboy girls real actresses. There haven't been many, really. Pamela Andersen tried at it and didn't quite work out, and so did many others. Perhaps they are just not built for that. Interestingly, if Playboy noticed then, then maybe, just maybe, they are built for something else – and that's exactly what they are paid for.

Enter Andrea Lowell, born in January of 1987 in LA, who decides to go against the grain and make it big in the television industry. She was nicknamed "The Natural" for her breasts that, she claims, didn't undergo any silicone enhancements, which is typically one of the main features for other Playboy cover girls. Apart from Playboy niche she appeared in a few commercials, television shows, and one movie (with an unequivocal name Homo Erectus).

Despite her Playboy personality (or because of it, one is left to judge for himself) in 2006 Lowell was cast in the 6th season of the reality show of VH1 titled The Surreal Life. The basic premise of the show is that past-their-primes celebrities are placed in a mansion on Hollywood Hills for two weeks, where their every move and every word are recorded. In 2007 she appeared in the spin-off of The Surreal Life – The Surreal Life: Fame Games. In both appearances she is remembered as a wild party girl, but she liked the publicity as opened her to more people. And that may propel her to higher grounds (or not).

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