Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Hill was born in Toronto Ontario Canada on New Year's Eve 1973. Her love for the performing arts manifested itself at an early age. By the age of six, she was performing with fellow acting students. By the age of eight, she already had an agent.

For years, she enjoyed her time in front of the camera as a child actor, appearing in numerous television commercials, film, advertising photo shoots and community theater performances. But later on, her constant brushes with the advertising world motivated Jennifer to pursue her love of her craft from the other side of the camera and she joined an ad agency. While continuing her scholastic and performing arts studies at night, Jennifer spent her days at the agency working in areas such as broadcast, print production and business management. Jennifer's interpersonal skills and logical approach to problem solving redirected her career to human resources and she rapidly progressed to the role of Chief Administrative Officer.

But the time came when Hill could no longer suppress the need to follow her true goal. She won the role of co-host on a nationally televised Canadian sport-based trivia show, Game On. With representation in both Toronto and Los Angeles, Jennifer Hill leads the busy life of a bi-coastal actor based in Los Angeles

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