Victoria Ortiz

Puerto Rican actress and Sword Fighter, Victoria Ortiz (and also known in some circles as Ninja) was influenced by the arts from the moment she was born. Raised in a household of performers, she spent many nights around dressing rooms and backstage theaters in Puerto Rico. At age 11, she began fencing, and from being just a hobby, it quickly became a professional career. She had the honor of representing Puerto Rico around the world, including the Pan-American Games in Rio '07. After graduating High School in Puerto Rico, she took a leap of faith, hung up her mask and sword, and moved to Los Angeles to begin her studies at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She received the Michael Thoma Award during her graduation for Most Growth as a Performer and with that she walked out and came out to the world! Since then, she's had the pleasure of working on several groundbreaking LGBTQ projects, including the Award Winning short "Vámonos," Amazon's Original series "Transparent" and ABC Family's "The Fosters." She will be starring next to America Ferrera in the upcoming webseries, "Gente-fied," and will be seen in the upcoming season of FOX's "Lucifer." On stage she's been in the Atwater Village Theatre for the West Coast premiere of "Turtles," where she played Finn, a 9yr old boy who preferred to communicate as different animals. She's incredibly excited to take on the role of "Chrz" and to bring to life the world premiere of "Super Variety Match Bonus Round."

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