Gabriel Ellis

Born in the northeastern state New Jersey in 1983, Gabriel Ellis was the second youngest child amongst five children. Gabriel was raised in a single parent home with arduous and impecunious living conditions thus enheartening Gabriel's focus toward work and school. Gabriel began acting at the tender age of 8 years old; engaging in several stage plays. What initially began as a hobby for Gabriel expeditiously evolved into a passion. As time elapsed, in such a challenging and competitive field, Gabriel decided to put acting to the side. At this period in time Gabriel began to study in the field of forensics. Nearly midway to a degree in forensics; Gabriel reached a pivotal point in his life. Not feeling completely complacent in the choice of studies he had chosen, Gabriel decided to make a total change in career choice. With many options before him, there was no other field that made him feel more complete, more confident, more enticed than the field of acting. At this moment Gabriel's past childhood passion was brought to his present. Unwavering, Gabriel began to take action to work toward cultivating this God given talent with all ambition. Gabriel took up various acting classes and attended many seminars; which not only developed and enhanced Gabriel's talent but also gave him opportunity to network and meet several prestigious individuals. Handsome, young, and striking, Gabriel instantly began to pick up work in various genres; from television to stage plays and independent films to movies. Gabriel stood toe to toe with Curtis 50 Cent Jackson in the 2009 film Before I Self Destruct (2009). Gabriel has sought to prove himself on television securing his big debut for the role of a ruthless assassin, Gustav Munoz, on Dick Wolf's 'NBC Universal Television' series Chicago P.D.(2014) Gabriel has also secured a role on Dick Wolf's monumental television series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999). Gabriel has a promising career and is as enthusiastic and passionate as he has been since his first taste of acting as a young child

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