Erick Desmarestz

Erick Desmarestz ,is a French Director and TV actor , who has acted in over 100s TV series. Besides his acting in television, the actor also made his appearance in French movies like 'The Chorus' (2004), '' (2009), and 'Look At Me' (2004), to name a few. But he never received a lead role, either in TV or film. The actor was casted either in a supporting character or even a small role in the French film and TV industry. Earlier, he was also associated with major production work in the film and television circuits. The progressive march of the actor was not at all slow in the television industry, but he did not attain the lead role. In the movie '', he played the role of a doctor, while in another movie, 'Look At Me', he was the new teacher. He played the role of an actor in the movie, ‘Chorus'.

In the year 2013, Erick Desmarestz, with Samson Company, hosted a play with many French artists, which the actor felt was a theater tour. The actor, Erick Desmarestz, also directed a comedy by Oscar Wilde, with Jean Bechetoille, which had the actor in the cast along with actors like; Flora Friedman, William Bold, and others. The drama was titled as "The Importance of Being Earnest", which was a masterpiece. The actor also appeared in season 2 of the series, French Mafiosa. Erick Desmarestz is involved in theater, and has been an influential stage artist, in the theater of France.

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