Carrie Anne Fleming

Carrie Anne Fleming was discovered by Dario Argento when he cast her in the title role of JENIFER. Playing a horribly disfigured woman with the ability to seduce men and bring them to eventual ruin before moving on to the next victim was a role she really sank her teeth into.
Dario Argento, upon working with her said ...."I was inspired by the raw truth...having such a fine, sensitive actress by my side...I told her she must come to this role with great will and conviction..the role was very difficult, even unpleasant for an actress. I needed a certain type of woman. Like she had been living in the wild. She is a very special kind of actor and she was very eager to make a good movie."

With the prosthetic made by Oscar Winner Howard Berger and the director being the legend that he is, the role garnered attention from Quentin Tarantino, cult status among horror fans around the world and many wins in online voting for Best Actress, Best Gore, and Best Villain.

When Carrie Anne was cast as Karen Singer - Bobby Singer's wife in Supernatural - she literally came to life. Audiences were able to see her angelic face, hear her sugary sweet voice, and feel a gentle spirit of love, compassion and empathy that she brings to the role. Carrie Anne genuinely understands how much Bobby's character means to the legion of fans following Supernatural. Carrie Anne has said "The real gift of landing a role like Karen Singer is that you get to work with Jim Beaver."

Jim has stated that he did his best work in scenes with Carrie Anne.

Carrie Anne's film and television credits also include the sitcom Package Deal, The feature film's 'That Burning Feeling' and 'Good Luck Chuck' and the hugely successful television series 'The 4400', as well as 'The L Word.'!bio/c21f8

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Cast Credits

UnREAL (2015)
Guest starring as Ranger Pam
  • Episode 3x05: Gestalt (Mar 26, 2018)
iZombie (2015)
Guest starring as Candy Baker (6 episodes)
Package Deal (2013)
Guest starring as Bar Girl
Motive (2013)
Guest starring as Dr. Lucy Everhill
Continuum (2012)
Guest starring as Tammy
Breaking Bad (2008)
Guest starring as Yuppie Woman
Supernatural (2005)
Guest starring as Dying Nurse
Guest starring as Karen Singer (2 episodes)
Godiva's (2005)
Guest starring as Claudia
Pasadena (2001)
Guest starring as Sarah Cunningham
Stargate SG-1 (1997)
Guest starring as Assistant