Wang Zi

Qiu Wang Zi also known as Prince or Wang Zi, is a member of a trio boyband, JPM with Liao Xiao Jie/Liljay and his younger brother, Qiu Mao Di.

He was a former member of Lollipop, a Taiwanese Mandopop boyband, which consists of six members, Zhuang Ao Quan/Owodog, Liao Xiao Jie/Liljay, Yang Xiao Yu/Fabien, Liao Wei Lian/William, Liu A-wei, and himself. They were all chosen from Channel [V] Taiwan's show Bang Bang Tang, a show which sought to create new male artists in the entertainment business of Taiwan.

Lollipop signed under the label Gold Typhoon (formerly EMI Capitol) and Channel [V] Taiwan in 2006. However, their artist management contract with Channel [V] Taiwan ended at the end of 2009. Qiu is now signed under A Legend Star Entertainment Corp., a company founded by former Channel [V] Taiwan director, Andy Chang.

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