Lazaretto Recap

Endeavour is tasked with protecting prisoner and criminal informant Terry Bakewell whilst he's undergoing treatment in Cowley General Hospital. However, when Chief Superintendent Bright is rushed to hospital with a perforated peptic ulcer, criminal and policeman find themselves neighbours on the ward.

As Bright's condition remains touch and go, Endeavour is drawn into the mystery of the ward, with rumours circulating amongst the patients about the "curse of Bed 10" where an increasing number of patients have unexpectedly died over the past few months. Initially dismissing the "curse" as coincidence, Endeavour interest is piqued when the wife of a former patient of Bed 10 is found dead. With allegations from her of theft made against the ward, Endeavour starts to dig deeper to find out the truth behind the hospital's mystery curse.

Written by TomSouthwell on Jan 17, 2017