Romans Recap

The Past

Dale brings the imprisoned Kid dinner and says grace. He sits down and watches the Kid eat, and tells him that they painted over his parking spot and turned it into a handicap spot. Dale takes out a gun and says that he never had kids because of the Kid, and waited until retirement for instructions from God. He aims the gun at the Kid and cocks the hammer, and after a minute lowers the gun.


Porter looks out the window at the inmates being put on a bus for transfer.

Jackie stands outside the B&B house.

Wendell gets off the bus in Jerusalem's Lot and starts walking back to Castle Rock.

Henry leaves the B&B house.

Ruth stands on the railing of the Pangborn Bridge.

Henry drives down the highway.

Molly asks the Kid why he's telling her how he came to their world. He says that he's known her all of his life if not hers, and needs her help to convince Henry to go into the woods with him. Henry hears the schism, and the Kid figures that it's a door from one world to another. The Kid insists that the door to his world is there and asks Molly if she believes him. She says that she wants to, and Henry asks Molly to bring Henry to Harmony Hill so he can remind him of something. Molly asks what she was like in the Kid's world, and he says that she was happier. With that, he walks down the stairs and out of the house.

When Molly calls Henry, she gets his voice mail. She asks Henry to call her as soon as he can.

A police car drives past Henry's car, and crows slam into his windshield, forcing him to crash.

Molly drives through town, and sees Ruth on the bridge. She pulls over and calls to Ruth, asking her to come down. Ruth says that she has to get to the hospital, saying that she'll stay there with Alan at her side. Molly says that Alan is dead, and Ruth tells her that she knows and she's the one who shot him. She insists that he's alive in other times and has relived being on the bridge many times before. Molly asks if Ruth left Matthew in one of those other times and went away with Alan, and Ruth tells her that it's the first time Molly ever said that.

At the sheriff's station, Chesterton gives Porter a list of inmate discharges. On the TV, the newscaster talks about the continuing search for the escaped Kid. Porter returns home and finds a torn piece of soap wrapper on her kitchen table. There are shreds of the wrapper on the floor, leading to a white soap figure of herself on an end table. Porter picks it up and looks around nervously.

The Past

Matthew lead Young Henry out into the forest and asks if he can hear the schisma. Henry claims that he can but Matthew realizes that he's lying and says that he knows that Henry doesn't hear it. Matthew figures that Ruth has forced Henry to deceive him just like she deceived Matthew about her affair with Alan. He says that soon Ruth will be called home and then they'll live alone and pure. Matthew quotes from Romans, saying that the wages of sin are death. When Henry wonders what Mathew is going to do to Ruth, Matthew says that she's left him no choice. Henry runs off and Matthew goes after him, yelling at his adopted son to come back.


In the morning, Henry lies in his car. The ground is covered in snow and dead crows, and a man walks over and knocks on the door. Henry wakes up and the man says that the crows are dying all over Castle Rock. He blames it on global warming, and Henry drives off.

Wendell walks through the forest and sees troopers at Odin's RV. Willie is there and looks over, seeing Wendell.

Henry returns home and finds Ruth looking at her chess board. She asks him where the queen is, and Henry hugs her. Molly steps out and asks him if he's okay, and after Ruth goes to the kitchen explains that she found Ruth on the bridge ready to jump. Henry says that he doesn't know what's happening, and Molly explains that the Kid came to her.

The Kid goes to Harmony Hill Cemetery as the crows fly overhead.

Molly tells Henry that terrible things follow the Kid wherever he goes, and he's saying that it was the same for Henry in the other world. She explains about the Kid's description of alternate worlds, but Henry points out that the Kid was in the shed with all of the tapes and old newspaper clippings. When Molly says that the Kid wants Henry to go out into the woods with him to help him get home, Henry says that they need to turn him in. She realizes that Henry isn't going to help the Kid, and Henry says that people always end up dead when someone goes out into the woods. The phone rings and Ruth answers it, and Henry hears her talking about Wendell.

Once he learns that Wendell is at the station, Henry goes there, hugs his son, and asks where he came back. Wendell describes the schism and says that he had to get closer so he came back. Daria calls Henry into her office and when he refuses, says that he's not going anywhere. Henry tells Wendell to wait outside, and Daria asks him if he knows Odin. She says that Odin is dead and Willie reported that Henry and Odin had an argument.

Porter goes to the factory and asks Molly where the Kid is. Molly says that the Kid isn't there, and Porter gives her the figurine and says that Dale was right and the Kid is the Devil. Molly invites her inside to get ahold of herself, but Porter walks into the street... and gets run over by the transfer bus.

Daria tells Henry that his fingerprints and DNA were found in the RV. Henry hears the schisma as Daria points out that wherever he goes, there's bloodshed. He finally asks for a phone call.

The prison guards take a statement from Molly about what she saw of Porter's death. The prisoners get restless, and once the guards go back on the bus Molly gets a call from Henry. She goes to the station and shows Henry the figurine, and explains about Porter's death. Henry asks her to take Wendell to his mother in Boston and then keep driving and start over somewhere warm... getting away from Henry and Castle Rock. He says that people in Castle Rock believe all kinds of things about him. As she goes, Molly tells Henry that the Kid is at Harmony Hill.

At the cemetery, the Kid looks at the grave of his alternate self, who died as a baby.

The officers take Henry to a cell and lock him in.

The police arrive at the cemetery and arrest the Kid. He puts up his hands and they arrest him.

Molly drives Wendell away and tells him that Henry didn't do anything. She says that Castle Rock is fucked up and always has been, and Wendell asks if it has to do with the schisma.

The officers put the Kid in the cell next to Henry's. Once they're alone, the Kid says that Henry sent the officers and he understands because it's what he would have done. He figures that Molly told Henry everything, and says that he doesn't know how much time they have left. The Kid warns that if the schism stops, he could be stuck there and as long as he's there, things will get worse and people will die. He insists that he's not supposed to be there, and Henry shows him the figurine. Henry asks who the Kid is, and the Kid says that he's a victim the same as Henry. The Kid figures that Henry will eventually remember being locked up in a cage in the basement. Henry asks him what would have happened to Ruth if she had stayed with Matthew, and the Kid says that Matthew would have killed her. He repeats the Bible verse that Matthew quoted to Henry as a child.

Jackie goes to see Ruth, who says that Henry didn't say anything to her. After helping Ruth to bed, Jackie leaves. Ruth drinks her tea and lies down.

Henry stands in his cell and remembers what Matthew told him about the wages of sin being death. The officers move Henry to the Kid's cell, and then put the inmates in Henry's original cell.

Ruth picks up the white knight chess piece on her nightstand and remembers Alan.

The inmates recognize the Kid and threaten him. The Kid stares at them, and they start fighting among themselves. One of them shivs another, and the prison guards come in to check out the wounded man. When the guards come to the bars, the inmates kill them and leave. A key slides into Henry's cell, and the Kid picks it up and unlocks the door. He tells Henry to come with him and leaves.

Henry follows the Kid through the station over the bodies of the dead officers. Willie is among them, dying, and tells Henry not to go outside. The Kid tells Henry that they have to go, and Henry asks him if he did it. As Willie dies, the Kid picks up a kid and orders Henry to come with him.

As the inmates rage through the town and the emergency responders move in, the Kid takes Henry out into the forest and says that when they get there, they'll see that it's all true.

The Past

Young Henry runs to the edge of the cliff overlooking Castle Lake.


The schisma rings in Henry's ears, and the crows fly overhead.

The Past

Young Henry sees the crows fly overhead, and walks backward in his own footprints to make it look like he ran to the edge of the cliff and jumped. Matthew arrives and goes to the edge of the cliff, and Young Henry runs up and pushes him over the edge. The boy hears the schisma in his ears.


The Kid asks if the schisma is louder, and a helicopter flies overhead. When the Kid looks up, Henry jumps him and grabs the gun. The Kid's face changes, revealing aged ghoul-like features for a moment.

One Year Later

Henry is in court with a local man, helping him settle a property dispute. Afterward he goes back to his house and Wendell greets him. They play chess with all of the pieces, and Henry looks out the window at the now-empty Strand house.

In Florida, Molly lies on a couch next to her elderly mother. She then leaves to her job as a real estate agent.

Henry takes flowers to Ruth's grave at the cemetery, where she lays next to Alan. He then drives to the abandoned prison and goes to the basement where the Kid is locked up in the cage. Henry gives him some fast food for a Christmas dinner, and the Kid tells him that he knows that he still has doubts. He asks how long they're going to do what they're doing, and tells him that after a while people forget which side of the bars that they're on. The Kid says that's what Dale used to say, and Henry wishes him a merry Christmas and leaves. As he goes, the Kid reminds him of how things turned out for Dale, and Henry keeps climbing. Sitting in the darkness, the Kid smiles.

At the Mellow Tiger, Jackie writes on her blog about how the ax felt right in her hand as she drove it into Gordon's skull. Dean comes over and asks if she's writing a horror story, and Jackie says that it's reductive. He asks about the title, Overlooked, and Jackie tells him that it's backstory and family history. Jackie tells Dean that she's heading west to finish her story where it started.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 12, 2018