Season 1

Anna Richardson grabs the UK by its love handles and shows viewers how to drop a dress size in two weeks. No fads, no gimmicks, just simple calorie counting and exercise makes this diet a definite winner for a fun, quick fix to kick start the year.

The big interactive diet-a-long enables viewers to follow the example of serial dieter Anna over two weeks. As well as leading the diet, Anna sets up the calorie counting 100 Club: an exclusive 100 Club pop-up shop where products are packaged in 100 calorie portions, and instead of the till displaying the price, it counts the calories.

Anna hopes to shock her dieting divas with the true calorie content of their food and encourage the switch to healthier options. She also busts some of the myths about the dieting business, and investigates how the food industry encourages shoppers to buy unhealthy products with supermarket offers and bargain deals.

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