Season 2

Ellie's Real Good Food helps real people get the most out of life by cooking in the "sweet spot" where delicious and healthy meet. Season two of this popular series offers even more solutions for every meal of the week, with healthy, time-saving strategies for menu planning, food shopping and cooking. Ellie and her team go farther afield to help more people solve their food challenges deliciously - visiting schools, farmer's markets, innovative farms, vineyards and more. She shares tips on how to choose the very best ingredients and then heads back to the kitchen to turn them into enticing, everyday-easy meals. Ellie also provides creative, accessible solutions to viewers' specific challenges, such as how to: turn veggie loathers into veggie lovers; fend off late-night snack attacks and snack smarter during the day; buy a basket of vegetables and make it last a full week without waste; choose the best foods for healthy glowing skin; and master fish basics - and get over your fish fears.

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