Every Witch Way - Episode List

Season 4

18Jul 30, 2015A Girl's Sacrifice
17Jul 29, 2015Mommie Dearest
16Jul 28, 2015Stop Emma
15Jul 27, 2015Frenemies
14Jul 24, 2015What If?
13Jul 23, 2015Power In A Bottle
12Jul 22, 2015Back To Square One
11Jul 21, 2015Van Pelt Reunion
10Jul 20, 2015Diego's Wipedown
9Jul 17, 2015The Final Countdown
8Jul 15, 2015Monkey Face Emoji
7Jul 14, 2015Lunch At Lola's
6Jul 13, 2015Twisted Sister
5Jul 10, 2015A Tale Of Two Lives
4Jul 9, 2015Stuck In A Storm
3Jul 8, 2015Ever In The Everglades
2Jul 7, 2015Road Trippin'
1Jul 6, 2015A World Without You

Season 3

19Jan 30, 2015New Witch Order
18Jan 29, 2015The Kanay Strikes Back
17Jan 28, 2015Magical Throwdown
16Jan 27, 2015Defiance
15Jan 26, 2015Kangaroo Jax
14Jan 22, 2015Zombie Rescue Team
13Jan 21, 2015The Truth About Kanays
12Jan 20, 2015Invisible Me
11Jan 19, 2015Kanay vs. Kanay
10Jan 16, 2015El Cristal de Caballero
9Jan 15, 2015Back to Back
8Jan 14, 2015Spider No More
7Jan 13, 2015No More Mr. Nice Guy
6Jan 12, 2015Daniel Darko
5Jan 9, 2015Neverending Summer
4Jan 8, 2015Breaking All the Rules
3Jan 7, 2015It's Always You
2Jan 6, 2015Rebel Emma
1Jan 5, 2015The Beachside 7

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