Hollywood Game Night - Episode List

Season 5

10Sep 6, 2017A RuPaul Awakening
9Sep 5, 2017Keep It UnReal
8Aug 29, 2017Super Smashed Game Night
7Aug 22, 2017HGN'S Got Talent
6Aug 15, 2017This Is Us Game Night
5Jul 27, 2017The More You Ne-Yo
4Jul 20, 2017Game Night Is the New Black
3Jul 6, 2017Super Duper Store Night
2Jun 29, 2017Playing Hardwick to Get
1Jun 22, 2017Veep vs. The Walking Dead

Season 4

12Jul 28, 2016Oh Yes, It's Ladies Night
11Mar 27, 2016It's My Jane in the Box
10Mar 20, 2016If It Ain't Burke, Don't Fix It
9Mar 13, 2016That's Mighty Biggs of You
8Feb 23, 2016Sealed with a Kesha
7Feb 16, 2016Musical Game Night
6Feb 9, 2016Battle of the Sexes III
5Feb 2, 2016Football Game Night
4Jan 26, 2016Back to the Game Night
3Jan 19, 2016Way-ans to Go!
2Jan 12, 2016In the Garden of Eva
1Jan 5, 2016Hannigan, Hale & Hunt... Oh My!

Season 3

10Sep 8, 2015Cedric Gives Niecy a Hand
9Sep 1, 2015Everything's Coming Up Jonas
8Aug 25, 2015Singin' in the Jane
7Aug 18, 2015The Scott Wolf of Wall Street
6Aug 11, 2015Mr. Smith Goes to Game Night
5Aug 4, 2015Don't Drink and Game Night
4Jul 28, 2015Everything's Coming Up Rosie
3Jul 21, 2015I Wanda Who Will Win
2Jul 14, 2015Your Popcorn Made a Messing
1Jul 7, 2015Two Janes Are Better Than One

Season 2

20Jul 24, 2014Lynch ... Jane Lynch
19Jul 17, 2014A Hollywood Scandal
18Jul 10, 2014What's Cooking on Game Night
17Jun 12, 2014Don't Be Gunn Shy
16Jun 5, 2014Game Night: Behind Bars
15May 29, 2014Off with the Top of Your Head
14May 22, 2014Hot in Hollywood
13May 15, 2014The Pittsburgh Steal-ers!
12May 8, 2014He Said, She Said
11Apr 17, 201450 Charades of Grey
10Apr 3, 2014Game Night, That's Another Story
9Mar 13, 2014Clue Boom-Boom Pow!
8Mar 6, 2014Battle of the Champions
7Feb 27, 2014Show Me Your Music, I'll Show You Mine
6Feb 3, 2014Orange is the New Game Night
5Jan 27, 2014We'll Need to See Your TV ID
4Jan 27, 2014How I Met Your Buzzer
3Jan 20, 2014Things That Go Clue-Boom in the Night
2Jan 20, 2014Party Boys vs. Game Night Girls
1Dec 23, 2013T'was the Game Night Before Christmas

Season 1

8Aug 29, 2013Portrait of a Killer Party
7Aug 22, 2013The Office Party
6Aug 15, 2013That Celebrity Game Show
5Aug 8, 2013America's Got Game Night
4Aug 1, 2013Purr-ty People
3Jul 25, 2013Saturday Night Reunion
2Jul 18, 2013Don't Kill My Buzz-er
1Jul 11, 2013The One with the Friends


SpecialMay 24, 2018Red Nose Day
SpecialDec 31, 2015NBC's New Year's Eve Game Night with Andy Cohen