Long Lost Family - Episode List

Season 4

9May 16, 2018That Was My One Shot
8May 15, 2018This Is Your Truth
7May 14, 2018Nothing Short Of A Miracle
6May 13, 2018A Slamming Door
5May 6, 201828 Foster Homes
4Apr 29, 2018You Have Been Loved Your Whole Life
3Apr 22, 2018You Think They Are Blood
2Apr 15, 2018She Never Came Back
1Apr 8, 2018The First And Last Time I Saw My Sister

Season 3

6Dec 11, 2017My Birth Certificate Reads Jane Doe"
5Dec 4, 2017There's More to Saying Sorry
4Nov 27, 2017The Letters Just Stopped Coming
3Nov 20, 2017If I'd Only Known About Her
2Nov 13, 2017My First Chapter Is Unwritten
1Nov 6, 2017She Just Drove Off And Never Returned

Season 2

13Apr 25, 2017We Don't Need Anything From Them Besides Love
12Apr 24, 2017It's The Fulfillment Of A Promise
11Apr 23, 2017Am I a Secret She Had to Keep?
10Apr 16, 2017If You Bring Your Baby Home, You Can't Come Home
9Apr 9, 2017Do I Call Him My Son?
8Apr 2, 2017The Last Time I Saw My Mother, I Was 5 Years Old
7Mar 26, 2017All The Leaves Fell Off My Family Tree
6Mar 19, 2017Did You Have Dreams? Did You Follow Them?
5Mar 12, 2017One More Reason To Fight For My Life
4Mar 5, 2017Born Together, Stay Together
3Feb 26, 2017I Want To Heal My Mother's Heart
2Feb 19, 2017The Court Said No, We Were Too Young
1Feb 12, 2017There's No Easy Way To Say This

Season 1

9May 1, 2016I Knew I'd Never See My Mom Again
8Apr 24, 2016Alone In A Crowded Room
7Apr 17, 2016Everything Your Parents Told You Was A Lie
6Apr 10, 2016Why Did You Leave Me
5Apr 3, 2016Am I Who I Think I Am?
4Mar 27, 2016I Should've Fought Harder to Keep Her
3Mar 20, 2016Nobody Knew I Existed
2Mar 13, 2016Your Mom's Been Here the Whole Time
1Mar 6, 2016I've Waited for This Call for 45 Years


SpecialFeb 19, 2017What Happened Next: We've Had Our Ups and Downs
SpecialFeb 13, 2017What Happened Next: Always Secretly Looking for You
SpecialFeb 12, 2017Countdown to the New Season
SpecialJan 29, 2017What Happened Next: This Isn't The Way It Was Supposed To Be
SpecialJan 22, 2017What Happened Next: We're Unraveling The Truth
SpecialJan 15, 2017What Happened Next: We Have Some Issues