Tsukiuta. The Animation - Episode List

Season 1

13Sep 28, 2016Song of the Moon
12Sep 21, 2016Full Moon Festival
11Sep 14, 2016Moment of Indecision
10Sep 7, 2016Blue Flame
9Aug 31, 2016Night of Overlapping Patterns
8Aug 24, 2016Round Moon
7Aug 17, 2016The Hajime Mutsuki Expedition
6Aug 10, 2016A Smart Detective!?
5Aug 3, 2016A Chance Encounter with the Past
4Jul 27, 2016On a New Path
3Jul 20, 2016Going Far Beyond
2Jul 13, 2016Glasswork Heart
1Jul 6, 2016Betting on the Handshake Event!