Vidya Gaem Awards

The /v/GAs (Vidya Gaem Awards) were born in early December 2011 as a response to the Spike VGAs, which were widely regarded as terrible and a cancer upon the video game industry.

A small group of anons decided to make their own presentation for /v/: after a month or so of planning, categories were made, votes were tallied and the presentation was shown to over 10,000 people live. It was widely regarded as terrible and a cancer upon /v/.

Despite this, every year, a group of anons come around and make an award show showcasing the best and worst in video games, as well as the video game industry at large. Run by /v/, for /v/, the /v/GAs is the internet's response to industry funded award shows.

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2015 Vidya Gaem Awards (BarackObeezy Cut)

Episode 2016-05-28; May 28, 2016

Created with the assistance of the 2015 /v/GA team, the BarackObeezy Cut is a re-edit of several elements found in the show. From snippets of new source material being placed to re-rendering many of the awards from their original project files, this

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2016-05-28: 2015 Vidya Gaem Awards (BarackObeezy Cut)May 28, 2016
2016-03-27: 2015 Vidya Gaem AwardsMar 27, 2016
2015-02-01: 2014 Vidya Gaem AwardsFeb 1, 2015
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