Rekka no Honoo - Episode List

Season 1

42Jul 10, 1998Battle to the Death! Until Life is Extinguished...
41Jul 3, 1998The Second Round! Recca vs. Kurei
40Jun 19, 1998A Wicked Woman's Trap. Angry Fujin
39Jun 12, 1998Mikagami's Fierce Battle. Heedless Hyomon Ken!
38May 29, 1998Fear! Reanimated Zombie!
37May 22, 1998Escape from Another Dimension! Battle in the Evil Place!
36May 15, 1998The Fire Dragons United! The Opponent Outside the Ring!
35May 8, 1998Girl's Invocation. Awakening the Fujin!
34May 1, 1998Fierce Fighting Fuko. Countless Injuries on Bare Skin!
33Apr 24, 1998Dragon Twins! The Stolen Move!
32Apr 17, 1998Invisible Enemy. Battle Against Fear!
31Mar 28, 1998Cursed Fire. Kurenai's Past!
30Mar 21, 1998Temptation of the Beautiful Women. The Deadly Duo!
29Mar 14, 1998Suspicious Tongues. Fear of the Kotodama!
28Mar 7, 1998Blazing Judgement. Setsuna Shun En!
27Feb 28, 1998Tears Shed Because of Girl's Hair!!
26Feb 21, 1998Mokuren Has Returned! The Menace of the Human Tree
25Feb 14, 1998Shock! Lightning Fast Conclusion!
24Feb 7, 1998The Call from the Monster, the Warrior from Hell
23Jan 31, 1998Desperate Trials!
22Jan 24, 1998Sudden Change of Buddha
21Jan 17, 1998Paper Dance. Breathing in Life!
20Jan 10, 1998Explosion! - The Secret of Maiden's Flower!!
19Dec 20, 1997The Iron Fist Fails! - Domon's Trump Card!!
18Dec 13, 1997Sword of Blood! - Tokiya - Tokiya in the Ring!!
17Dec 6, 1997Underground Death Tournament! - The Hokage Arrives!
16Nov 29, 1997Ready to Fight! - Recca's Challenge!!
15Nov 22, 1997The Curse of Time - Mother and Son!!
14Nov 15, 1997The Past Revived - The 400-Year-Old Truth!!
13Nov 1, 1997The Ultimate Flame! Legend of the Fire Dragons
12Oct 25, 1997Kurenai the Flame - The Angel of Death!!
11Oct 18, 1997The Five Fangs of Kogonanki!!
10Oct 11, 1997Clash of Flames - The Two Hokage!!
9Oct 4, 1997Demon Domon - His Unknown Power!!
8Sep 27, 1997The Room of the Dolls - Fuko's Desperate Struggle!!
7Sep 20, 1997Stone Guardian - The Game of Death!!
6Sep 13, 1997Fearful Fire Sorcerer - Kurei!!
5Aug 30, 1997The Shadow Ninja Clan - The Mystery of the Hokage!!
4Aug 16, 1997Labyrinth of Mirrors - The Flame of Death!!
3Aug 9, 1997The Water Swordsman - The Fang of Revenge!!
2Aug 2, 1997Wind and Fire - A Dangerous Seduction!!
1Jul 19, 1997The Princess and the Ninja - Awakening of the Power!!