Marvel's Luke Cage - Episode List

Season 2

Number#Release dateNameScoreStatus
13Jun 22, 2018They Reminisce over You
12Jun 22, 2018Can't Front on Me
11Jun 22, 2018The Creator
10Jun 22, 2018The Main Ingredient
9Jun 22, 2018For Pete's Sake
8Jun 22, 2018If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right
7Jun 22, 2018On and On
6Jun 22, 2018The Basement
5Jun 22, 2018All Souled Out
4Jun 22, 2018I Get Physical
3Jun 22, 2018Wig Out
2Jun 22, 2018Straighten It Out
1Jun 22, 2018Soul Brother #1

Season 1

Number#Release dateNameScoreStatus
13Sep 30, 2016You Know My Steez
12Sep 30, 2016Soliloquy of Chaos
11Sep 30, 2016Now You're Mine
10Sep 30, 2016Take It Personal
9Sep 30, 2016DWYCK
8Sep 30, 2016Blowin' Up the Spot
7Sep 30, 2016Manifest
6Sep 30, 2016Suckas Need Bodyguards
5Sep 30, 2016Just to Get a Rep
4Sep 30, 2016Step in the Arena
3Sep 30, 2016Who's Gonna Take the Weight?
2Sep 30, 2016Code of the Streets
1Sep 30, 2016Moment of Truth