The Queen's Classroom - Episode List

Season 1

11Sep 17, 2005A graduation ceremony without Maya
10Sep 10, 2005It's the final class for Maya
9Sep 3, 2005The wicked teacher's assassin
8Aug 20, 2005There's no graduation ceremony! Are you a demon or an angel? The painful past of the wicked teacher the students know
7Aug 13, 2005As the school burns in flames one night, the wicked teacher sheds tears of blood... Teacher, please help my friends!
6Aug 6, 2005There's no summer vacation! The tragedies and miracles brought about by cornered children!!
5Jul 30, 2005Even my friends have vanished... Forget about school! Teacher, why are you picking on me?
4Jul 23, 2005After they all called me a thief, the collapse of the class and the search for the culprit. Teacher, give me my friends back!!
3Jul 16, 2005Friendship, betrayal, tears. The last memories of grade school... Teacher, please let me dance!
2Jul 9, 2005Tears in the wicked teacher's eyes!? A child's hidden past and a sad confession of friendship!
1Jul 2, 2005A sixth grade class' one-year battle with a wicked demonic teacher!


SpecialMar 18, 2006The Demon Descends
SpecialMar 17, 2006Fallen Angel