Action Heroine Cheer Fruits - Episode List

Season 1

12Sep 28, 2017Passion Fruits
11Sep 21, 2017The Misery of Misaki Shirogane
10Sep 14, 2017So Long, Hopeless Warriors
9Sep 7, 2017Silver Serious
8Aug 31, 2017Little Sis Aoyama Says She'll Start Directing
7Aug 24, 2017Good Luck!! Mikapyon
6Aug 17, 2017Hatsuri, explosive angel
5Aug 3, 2017Project Blue
4Jul 27, 2017An Action Heroine Who Starts from Zero
3Jul 20, 2017A Very Idle Kanon
2Jul 13, 2017It's Fine For a Normal Local to Try Being a Heroine, You Know?
1Jul 6, 2017Suddenly, the Heavenly Realm!