Wishenpoof! - Episode List

Season 1

Number#Release dateNameScoreStatus
13Aug 14, 2015Ben's Big Surprise
12Aug 14, 2015Friends Forever
11Aug 14, 2015Bianca's Rainstorm Brainstorm
10Aug 14, 2015Adventure to Fairy Grandma's House
9Aug 14, 2015Bianca's Big Idea
8Aug 14, 2015Bianca's Great Cake Mistake
7Aug 14, 2015Bianca's Tough Kid Challenge
6Aug 14, 2015Bianca Gets Creative
5Aug 14, 2015Frank's Pet Froovle
4Aug 14, 2015Bianca and Penelope's Clubhouse
3Aug 14, 2015Bianca's Passion Project
2Aug 14, 2015Willow Tree Wishes
1Aug 14, 2015Welcome to Wish World


Number#Release dateNameScoreStatus
SpecialFeb 6, 2014Pilot