Join or Die with Craig Ferguson - Episode List

Season 1

21Jun 9, 2016History's Biggest Badass
20Jun 9, 2016History's Biggest Fraud
19May 26, 2016History's Best Founding Father
18May 26, 2016History's Most Defiant Moments of the Last 75 years
17May 19, 2016History's Greatest Unexplained Phenomenon
16May 19, 2016History's Greatest Gangster
15May 12, 2016History's Greatest Unsolved Mystery
14May 12, 2016History's Dumbest Mistake
13May 5, 2016History's Biggest Presidential Bad Boy
12Apr 28, 2016History's Most Plausible Conspiracy Theory
11Apr 21, 2016History's Greatest Man-Made Structure
10Apr 14, 2016History's Biggest Fall from Grace
9Apr 7, 2016The Drug That Changed The World
8Mar 31, 2016History's Most Influential Band
7Mar 24, 2016History's Greatest Invention Since 1950
6Mar 17, 2016History's Craziest Cult
5Mar 10, 2016History's Worst Tyrant
4Mar 3, 2016History's Most Doomed Presidential Campaign
3Feb 25, 2016History's Biggest Frenemies
2Feb 18, 2016History's Worst Medical Advice
1Feb 18, 2016History's Biggest Political Blunder