All Hail King Julien - Episode List

Season 5

Number#Release dateNameScoreStatus
13Dec 1, 2017The End is Here
12Dec 1, 2017The End is Near
11Dec 1, 2017King Julien is Watching You
10Dec 1, 2017Karl-Mageddon
9Dec 1, 2017The Lord of the Fruit Flies
8Dec 1, 2017Blackboard Jungle
7Dec 1, 2017There Will Be Juice
6Dec 1, 2017One More Cup, Part 2
5Dec 1, 2017Squad Goals
4Dec 1, 2017Tears in the Drain
3Dec 1, 2017Night Creatures
2Dec 1, 2017Spin Cycle
1Dec 1, 2017Julien 2.0

Season 4

Number#Release dateNameScoreStatus
13Nov 11, 2016Un-King Me
12Nov 11, 2016I, Maurice
11Nov 11, 2016Koto, Plain and Tall
10Nov 11, 2016The Wrath of Morticus Khan
9Nov 11, 2016The Panchurian Candidate
8Nov 11, 2016King Julien Superstar!
7Nov 11, 2016The King and Mrs. Mort
6Nov 11, 2016The Good Book
5Nov 11, 2016The Jungle Rooster
4Nov 11, 2016That Sinking Feeling
3Nov 11, 2016Who Arted?
2Nov 11, 2016The Neverending Clover
1Nov 11, 2016The All Hail King Julien Show

Season 3

Number#Release dateNameScoreStatus
13Jun 17, 2016Run for the Border
12Jun 17, 2016Eye of the Clover
11Jun 17, 2016Revenge of the Prom
10Jun 17, 2016Get Off My Lawn
9Jun 17, 2016Fast Food Lemur Nation
8Jun 17, 2016The Butterfly War
7Jun 17, 2016Close Encounters of the Mort Kind
6Jun 17, 2016Jungle Games
5Jun 17, 2016Love Gauntlet
4Jun 17, 2016Oh Brother Where Aren't Thou?
3Jun 17, 2016Dance, Dance, Resolution
2Jun 17, 2016O Captain My Captain Pt. 2
1Jun 17, 2016O Captain My Captain Pt. 1

Season 2

Number#Release dateNameScoreStatus
16Oct 16, 2015King Juli-End?
15Oct 16, 2015The Phantom of Club Moist
14Oct 16, 2015Are You There, Frank? It's Me, King Julien
13Oct 16, 2015The King Who Would Be King
12Oct 16, 2015True Bromance
11Oct 16, 2015Monkey Planet
10Oct 16, 2015The Man in the Iron Booty
9Oct 16, 2015That's Sooo Rob
8Oct 16, 2015Daddy Julien
7Oct 16, 2015Election
6Oct 16, 2015Body Double
5Oct 16, 2015Gimme Gimme Gimme: The Game
4Oct 16, 2015Pineapple of My Eye
3Oct 16, 2015Crimson and Clover
2Oct 16, 2015Diapers are the New Black
1Oct 16, 2015My Fair Foosa

Season 1

Number#Release dateNameScoreStatus
10Apr 3, 2015One More Cup
9Apr 3, 2015The Really Really Big Lie
8Apr 3, 2015Viva Mort
7Apr 3, 2015He Blinded Me with Science
6Apr 3, 2015Eat Pray Shove
5Dec 19, 2014Return of the Uncle King
4Dec 19, 2014Empty Is the Head
3Dec 19, 2014Enter the Fanaloka
2Dec 19, 2014Poll Position
1Dec 19, 2014King Me