One Life to Live - Episode List

Season 200

83Jan 13, 2012Ep. 11136
82Mar 8, 2010Bunny in the Oven
81Mar 5, 2010Auntie Up
80Mar 4, 2010Rules of Engagement
79Mar 3, 2010Couples Resort
78Mar 2, 2010Que Sierra, Sierra
77Mar 1, 2010First Love, Last Love
76Feb 26, 2010Coming Around Again
75Feb 25, 2010Unfaithfully Yours
74Feb 24, 2010Do the Dogg
73Feb 23, 2010Downward Schuyler
72Feb 22, 2010Displeasures of Sierra's Madre
71Feb 19, 2010These Boots
70Feb 18, 2010On Frozen Pond
69Feb 17, 2010Le Revenge
68Feb 16, 2010Come on in, the Water's Frigid
67Feb 15, 2010Ice, Ice Baby
66Feb 12, 2010On Thin Ice
65Feb 11, 2010Sierra Rose
64Feb 10, 2010Shocked! Shocked!
63Feb 9, 2010Shiver Deep, Mountain High
62Feb 8, 2010Fire and Ice and Brimstone
61Feb 5, 2010Sorry, Wrong Baby
60Feb 4, 2010All on a Wintry Night
59Feb 3, 2010Desperately Seeking Stacy
58Feb 2, 2010Showdown@BigSky
57Feb 1, 2010Pow! Zap!
56Jan 29, 2010Kill the Messenger
55Jan 28, 2010My Three Dads
54Jan 27, 2010One Way or a Mother
53Jan 26, 2010Escape to Buchanan Ranch
52Jan 25, 2010Hey Sister, Go Sister, Soul Sister
51Jan 22, 2010Already Gone
50Jan 21, 2010Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water
49Jan 20, 2010Father Knows Worst
48Jan 19, 2010Manning the Flames of Doubt
47Jan 18, 2010One Fish, Two Fish, Rex Fish, Sky (Blue) Fish
46Jan 15, 2010Laurence of Suburbia
45Jan 14, 2010Movin' on Up
44Jan 13, 2010Family Is Everything
43Jan 12, 2010From Bobby Socks to Stocking
42Jan 11, 2010Mitch Ado About Something
41Jan 8, 2010Fri Jan 8 2010
40Jan 7, 2010Nurse Charles in Charge
39Jan 6, 2010Let's Get (Meta) Physical
38Jan 5, 2010A Kiss Before I Go
37Jan 4, 2010A Mitch In Time
36Dec 30, 2009Because the Night Belongs to Us
35Dec 29, 2009What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
34Dec 28, 2009Don't Get Mad, Get Even
33Dec 23, 2009Merry Christmas, Mr. Laurence
32Dec 22, 2009Rockin' Around the Crisis Tree
31Dec 21, 2009Cabin Fever
30Dec 18, 2009The Apparent Trap
29Dec 16, 2009Who's Sorry Now?
28Dec 15, 2009I Never Sank for My Father
27Dec 14, 2009Bridge Over the River Lie
26Dec 11, 2009Global Repositioning
25Dec 10, 2009Danielle in the Lion's Den
24Dec 9, 2009Heart of Darkness
23Dec 4, 2009Christmas Stuns Early This Year
22Dec 3, 2009No More Mr. Nice Guy
21Dec 2, 2009The Doggone Girl Is Mine
20Dec 1, 2009One Step Forward, Twelve Steps Back
19Nov 30, 2009It's Not the Meet, It's Emotion
18Nov 27, 2009Missing Children
17Nov 26, 2009The Sons Also Rise
16Nov 25, 2009Is It So Small a Thing?
15Nov 24, 2009Congratulations, It's a Girl
14Nov 23, 2009Blood Is Thicker Than Daughter
13Nov 20, 2009Who's Your Daddy?
12Nov 19, 2009The Seven Year Mitch
11Nov 18, 2009Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn
10Nov 17, 2009Hold the Phone!
9Nov 16, 2009Dads Gone Wild
8Nov 13, 2009Angel of Death
7Nov 12, 2009The Greenhouse Effect
6Nov 11, 2009Sing Along with Mitch
5Nov 10, 2009Back from the Dad
4Nov 9, 2009Skins and Bones
3Nov 6, 2009The Banks Bailout
2Nov 5, 2009Hell's Belles & Cells
1Nov 4, 2009Tall, Dark and Proper

Season 100

300Nov 4, 2009Tall, Dark and Proper
299Nov 3, 2009Veni, Vidi, Vino, Vote
298Nov 2, 2009Wholly Matrimony!
297Oct 30, 2009Somewhere Over the Rainbow
296Oct 29, 2009A Date with Destiny
295Oct 28, 2009For Whom the Bellman Tells
294Oct 27, 2009Struck Lucky with Motel Matches
293Oct 26, 2009The Call Is Coming from Inside Your Head!
292Oct 23, 2009Matthew, Come Home
291Oct 22, 2009No Texts, Please, We're British
290Oct 21, 2009Connubial Blitz
289Oct 20, 2009London Calling
288Oct 19, 2009The Born Identity
287Oct 16, 2009Flight of the Buchanans
286Oct 15, 2009Say It Ain't So, Bo
285Oct 14, 2009To the Manning Born
284Oct 13, 2009Why Blair Aired
283Oct 12, 2009Thick as Thieves
282Oct 9, 2009The Defenestration of Blair Cramer
281Oct 8, 2009Definitely, Baby
280Oct 7, 2009Children of a Lesser Todd
279Oct 6, 2009An Arresting Development
278Oct 5, 2009A Tale of Two Husbands
277Oct 2, 2009Exes and Oh's!
276Oct 1, 2009Who's Zoomin' Who
275Sep 30, 2009The Blair Essentials
274Sep 29, 2009Endless Love Boat
273Sep 29, 2009Endless Love Boat
272Sep 28, 2009Or Forever Hold Your Scream
271Sep 25, 2009The Wedding Stinger
270Sep 24, 2009Rated Ex
269Sep 23, 2009Fathers and Sons
268Sep 22, 2009Everybody, Limbo!
267Sep 21, 2009Break on Through to the Other Side
266Sep 18, 2009Break on Through to the Other Side
265Sep 17, 2009Who Sleeps with the Fishes?
264Sep 16, 2009Politics as Unusual
263Sep 15, 2009Courage Tastes of Blood
262Sep 14, 2009Caling All Angels
261Sep 11, 2009Dasvidania, Comrade
260Sep 10, 2009Vlad the Impaler
259Sep 9, 2009First There Is a Baby, Then There Is No Baby, Then There Is...
258Sep 8, 2009Between Shaun and the Dark of Night
257Sep 7, 2009All's Mayor in Love and War
256Sep 4, 2009Blood in the Water
255Sep 3, 2009Law & Ardor
254Sep 2, 2009The Big Kahuna
253Sep 1, 2009Some Enchanted Dealing
252Aug 31, 2009The Cops, the Kids, the Bigamist and Her Lover
251Aug 28, 2009Who Am I, Anyway?
250Aug 27, 2009Leave the Bottle
249Aug 26, 2009Fish in a Barrel
248Aug 25, 2009The Thin Line Between Love and Rage
247Aug 24, 2009Everybody Loves Rayburn
246Aug 21, 2009Physician, Heal Thyself
245Aug 21, 2009Physician, Heal Thyself
244Aug 20, 2009The Ghost Is Clear
243Aug 19, 2009The Real Buchanans of Llantano County
242Aug 18, 2009To Walk, Perchance to Dream
241Aug 18, 2009To Walk, Perchance to Dream
240Aug 17, 2009The Who To-Do List
239Aug 17, 2009The Who To-Do List
238Aug 14, 2009Episode #1.10502
237Aug 13, 2009Lies and Whispers
236Aug 12, 2009I'll Be Watching You
235Aug 11, 2009The Blair Snitch Project
234Aug 11, 2009The Blair Snitch Project
233Aug 10, 2009Kiss and Tell
232Aug 7, 2009Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
231Aug 6, 2009A Kiss Is Just a Kiss
230Aug 5, 2009Broken Flowers
229Aug 4, 2009I Deux
228Aug 3, 2009Tea for Two
227Jul 31, 2009Wedding Bo Blues
226Jul 30, 2009Elephant in the Room
225Jul 29, 2009In the Family Way
224Jul 28, 2009Coming Out of the Dark
223Jul 27, 2009Ghosts of a Chance
222Jul 24, 2009The Last (Belly) Laugh
221Jul 23, 2009How to Handle a Woman
220Jul 22, 2009Stairway to Heaven
219Jul 21, 2009Head Over Heels
218Jul 20, 2009Fur Flies
217Jul 17, 2009In Cold Blood
216Jul 16, 2009Red-Handed
215Jul 15, 2009Heating Up Fast
214Jul 14, 2009The Deep End
213Jul 13, 2009Aunt Misbehavin'
212Jul 10, 2009Cocktails at Seven, Dinner at Eight
211Jul 9, 2009You Can Go Home Again
210Jul 8, 2009Can This Marriage Be Saved?
209Jul 6, 2009Or 4ever Hold Your Peace
208Jul 2, 2009Nice Day for a White Wedding
207Jul 1, 2009Tea, Where the Devil Are My Slippers?
206Jun 30, 2009There Might Be Blood
205Jun 29, 2009Killing Me Softly
204Jun 26, 2009Thicker Than Blood
203Jun 25, 2009Consenting Adults
202Jun 24, 2009Dance, Little Sister, Dance
201Jun 23, 2009Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)
200Jun 22, 2009Prisoners of Love
199Jun 19, 2009Where the Kisses Are Hers and Hers and His
198Jun 18, 2009Hair of the Dogged
197Jun 17, 2009As Close as the Beat of My Heart
196Jun 16, 2009The Blessed and the Busted
195Jun 15, 2009Mother and Child Reunion
194Jun 12, 2009Pomp & Circumstance
193Jun 11, 2009Promises to Keep
192Jun 10, 2009Change Partners and Dance
191Jun 9, 2009Top Chef
190Jun 8, 2009Baby Mine
189Jun 5, 2009Rising from the Tumble
188Jun 4, 2009The Waiting Is the Hardest Part
187Jun 3, 2009Are You the Gatekeeper?
186Jun 2, 2009Mother Knows Bess
185Jun 1, 2009Hit Me with Your Best Shot
184May 29, 2009Found and Lost
183May 28, 2009Hope Is Alive
182May 27, 2009What Happens in the Boiler Room...
181May 26, 2009Stop Making Sense
180May 22, 2009Clinging to Hope
179May 21, 2009The Wheels on the Bus...
178May 20, 2009Not for the Faint of Heart
177May 19, 2009Power Failure
176May 18, 2009Roses in December
175May 15, 2009The Rites and Wrongs of Spring
174May 14, 2009Full Circle
173May 13, 2009Driving Miss Destiny
172May 12, 2009Starr's and Stripes
171May 11, 2009The Facts of (One) Life (to Live)
170May 8, 2009Episode #1.10435
169May 7, 2009The Doctor Is In... Sane
168May 6, 2009Never Lose Hope
167May 5, 2009Test Patterns
166May 4, 2009Love Hurts
165May 1, 2009Demons
164Apr 30, 2009Don't Leave Me This Way
163Apr 29, 2009It's All Wrong But It's All Right
162Apr 28, 2009Kinda Hot
161Apr 27, 2009Unplugged
160Apr 24, 2009Stab Me Once, Shame on You
159Apr 23, 2009Going Mobile
158Apr 22, 2009Ungentle Love
157Apr 21, 2009Aziza
156Apr 20, 2009Officer Down
154Apr 17, 2009Sleeps with the Fishes
153Apr 16, 2009Renouncing Satan... Or Not
152Apr 15, 2009Good Cop, John Cop
151Apr 14, 2009Ready, Aim, Liar
150Apr 13, 2009Past, Present Tense
149Apr 10, 2009Payback Is a *%^$#
148Apr 9, 2009El corazón desea lo que desea
147Apr 8, 2009Teach Your Children Well
146Apr 7, 2009Eye of the Needle
145Apr 6, 2009Thrill Me to the Marrow
144Apr 3, 2009Stacy's Turn
143Apr 2, 2009Elephants
142Apr 1, 2009Homecomings
141Mar 31, 2009Lay Lady Lie
140Mar 30, 2009Three on a Match
139Mar 27, 2009Bad to the Bone
138Mar 26, 2009Make Me a Match
137Mar 25, 2009Do the Right Thing?
136Mar 24, 2009Spring Awakening
135Mar 23, 2009The Little Match Girl
134Mar 20, 2009Say a Little Prayer
133Mar 19, 2009Bad Hair Day
132Mar 18, 2009No One Ever Said It Would Be This Hard
131Mar 17, 2009Walk the Walk
130Mar 16, 2009Dead Men Tell No Tales
129Mar 12, 2009D-Day
128Mar 11, 2009Llegless in Llanview
127Mar 10, 2009Dirty Dancer
126Mar 9, 2009Mother Courage
125Mar 6, 2009Backstabbed
124Mar 5, 2009Cuts Like a Knife
123Mar 4, 2009Feed Your Head
122Mar 3, 2009Lie Dectectors
121Mar 2, 2009Monday March 02 2009
120Feb 27, 2009Daddy Dearest
119Feb 26, 2009Won't Get Fooled Again
118Feb 25, 2009Color Him Father, Color Him Love
117Feb 24, 2009A New Pair of Genes
116Feb 23, 2009Mi Casa Es Su Casa
115Feb 20, 2009Freaky Friday
114Feb 19, 2009Do You Want to Tell Them or Should I?
113Feb 18, 2009Karma's a Bitch
112Feb 17, 2009About Last Night
111Feb 16, 2009Better Off Red
110Feb 13, 2009Cookie Delancey
109Feb 12, 2009Something in Red
108Feb 11, 2009Teenage Wasteland
107Feb 10, 2009Starr-Crossed Mothers
105Feb 9, 2009What Happens in Vegas, Stays in the Temple
104Feb 6, 2009(She Can't Get No) Satisfaction
103Feb 5, 2009Guilty as Sin
102Feb 4, 2009Not So Sweet Charity
101Jan 31, 2008Souls Laid Bear
100Jan 30, 2008It Takes Tea to Tango
99Jan 29, 2008Death Becomes Her
98Jan 28, 2008Look But Don't Touch
97Jan 25, 2008Get Down... and Dirty
18Jan 24, 2008Thursday January 24 2008
17Jan 23, 2008Wednesday January 23 2008
16Jan 22, 2008Tuesday January 22 2008
15Jan 21, 2008Monday January 21 2008
14Jan 21, 2009Thurs Jan 17 2008
13Jan 16, 2008Wed Jan 16 2008
12Jan 15, 2008Tues Jan 15 2008
11Jan 14, 2008Mon Jan 14 2008
10Jan 11, 2008You'll Know When You Know
9Jan 10, 2008Thurs Jan 10 2008
8Jan 12, 2009High School Confidential
7Jan 8, 2008Tuesday January 08 2008
6Jan 7, 2008Monday January 07 2008
5Jan 7, 2009Thursday January 8 2009
4Jan 7, 2008Mon Jan 07 2008
3Jan 4, 2008Friday January 4 2008
2Jan 8, 2008Tues Jan 08 2008
1Jan 9, 2008Wed Jan 09 2008

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